Spring 2019 Issue
“21st Century Body”


Demons and Deities: Martine Gutierrez’s Indigenous Inspired Iconography

Rainbows of Guatemalan textiles, tassels, and pom-poms dangle from Martine Gutierrez, posing as a fantasy rendition of the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal in her publication, Indigenous Woman. This image, from Gutierrez’s “Demons” series, subtitled “Deities of the Ancient World Resurrected in Hair,” is one of the many glamazon archetypes the artist embodies throughout the magazine.

Teaching with Contemporary Art

Cultivating Collections

As a choice-based elementary educator, I believe that my students learn by making artistic decisions. I encourage them to explore the things and ideas that excite their curiosity, and I invite them to bring the objects of their interests—rocks, toys, stickers, anything—into our art studio. They are usually more than eager to do so.

Think Through Your Body

Curator Simon Wu parallels the Jes Fan sculpture, Systems III (2018), to an essay, a poem and a song.

Elle Pérez’s Search for Intensity

Larissa Pham discusses the themes of performance behind the profound photographs by Elle Pérez. Often mistaken as documentary, Pérez’s work is carefully composed, and a collaborative effort between their subjects, many of whom are peers.

Pictorial SpaceX

Visual artist Caitlin Cherry connects her work to Donna Haraway’s 1985 essay, Cyborg Manifesto.

Teaching with Contemporary Art

Harnessing the Penchant for Play

Art21 Educator, Maureen Hergott, provides a lesson that inspired young students to engage their imagination and construct artworks inspired by the human form.

Teaching with Contemporary Art

Fueled by the Classroom: Being an Artist and Educator

Art21’s senior education advisor, Joe Fusaro, shares insight on synchronizes his art practice with being an arts educator.