Nov / Dec 2017 Issue


The Poetry of Everyday Life: An Interview with Project Row Houses Director Eureka Gilkey

Founded in 1993 by African-American artists and activists who wanted to enact a positive, creative presence in their community, Project Row Houses (PRH) is an arts nonprofit in Houston’s Third Ward. The organization provides...

Robots, Race, and Algorithms: Stephanie Dinkins at Recess Assembly

“Who are your people?” Since 2014, the artist Stephanie Dinkins has asked the social robot BINA48 this question several times. Developed by Hanson Robotics in 2010, BINA48 was...

Letter from the Editor

Living in an Age of Empathy

“We don’t live in an age of reason, we live in an age of empathy,” states the Dutch psychologist, primatologist, and ethologist Frans de Waal.1 In a time of still growing poverty, more frequent...