May / June 2017 Issue


Strategies & Resources

Investigation: Where Art Meets Science

As a high-school science teacher, I often am met with bewilderment when I introduce contemporary art into my classroom. My students usually humor me long enough to have some fun while learning and...

On Rust: Roundtable Discussion #1

This roundtable discussion occurred at Dabls MBAD African Bead Museum in Detroit with the following participants: Taylor Aldridge, assistant curator, Detroit Institute of Arts; Olayami Dabls, artist and founder of Dabls MBAD...

New Kids on the Block

Mohamad Hafez’s Complex Models of Syrian Devastation

“When a bomb falls on a building or a town, it exposes all its guts,” said Mohamad Hafez. His elaborate models of annihilated streetscapes and ruined buildings replicate the devastation of the war in Syria, where Hafez was born. In October 2016, I entered...

Letter from the Editor

Rust in Detroit: Ingenuity, Process, and Natural Order

Rust is a familiar element throughout Detroit’s landscape. It is the evidence of decay on the exterior of a dated automobile. It is seen on the steel structure of a vacant factory, one that most likely produced cars from...