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New guest blogger: Lily Rossebo

Thanks to Marissa Perel for her fantastic interviews with Jerry Saltz and David Velasco. Stay tuned for more from her in the coming weeks.

Up next is Open Enrollment alum Lily Rossebo. Lily is an artist and researcher, interested in projects that respond to place and community. While she is currently living and working in New York, Lily is interested in exploring the borders of the United States and has recently lived in Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Lily is a recent graduate of Art, Space + Nature (ASN), a post-graduate program at Edinburgh College of Art. The program encourages students to professionally integrate research, creative practice and contemporary cultural theory, through various lectures, seminars, workshops and field studies.

This past winter Lily participated in Mass// Public Space// Response, a workshop at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), which brought twenty- three participants together to observe, interact and intervene in unfamiliar public spaces. The workshop resulted in an exhibition at the UdK and is soon to produce a publication.

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