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Ten for ’10

Looking back over the column this past year, I thought it might be worthwhile to pick the top ten questions generated in a year’s worth of posts. Below are some of the questions that raised eyebrows, a ruckus, and/or more questions. I have also included the corresponding links. Enjoy!

10. What role does art education play in how artists form works of art later in their career? (from Art Education and Influence).

9. Is sound an element of design? (from Solid Sound).

8. How do we teach students to see and engage with art beyond computer screens? (from Art Beyond Excerpts).

7. Can a successful work of art make you angry? (from a post of the same title).

6. Is an idea a work of art? (from Ideas and Objects, Ideas vs. Objects).

5. When does an idea become a work of art? (from Jumping Right Into the Shark Tank).

4. How does censoring art affect how it is viewed? (from Teaching with David Wojnarowicz…).

3. Can a painting be about more than brushes, paint and canvas? (from Mark Bradford: Painter).

2. What do art educators need to know to do our work effectively? (from Need-to-Know…).

1. What’s worth learning in art? (from Skills Worth Teaching).

Happy New Year to all!

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