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It’s a Wrap: Looking Backward and Thinking Forward

Atsuko Tanaka (1932-2005), “Round on Sand”, 1968

Right around this time I usually write a post that relates to things we as art educators often think about at the end of the school year and before the onset (and sunsets) of summer. In 2009 and 2010 these posts related to summer reading possibilities and questions to think about as school wound down. This week I’d like to share a little of both as we get ready for the Art21 Educators summer institute in just a few weeks.

First, some recommended reading and books to check out (Fair warning… not all are suitable for the beach. The sheer weight of some would make it difficult):

Next, I want to reemphasize a few questions and introduce others that may influence thinking and planning for next year:

Which books are you reading this summer? What kinds of reflective questions are you asking as the summer begins?

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