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Hellos and Goodbyes….

So long, farewell.... Film still from "The Sound of Music" (1965).

For me, September has always been the month I most associate with new beginnings. September is when schools traditionally launch their new year, it’s when museums and galleries open their big fall shows, and when the breeze begins to carry the first few whiffs of autumnal weather.  Today, however, I have an important farewell to share with Art21 blog’s readers. Art21’s longtime Director of Special Projects, Kelly Shindler, who founded this blog and who has served as Editor since its inception, has moved on to take a position as assistant curator of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM). It’s a wonderful opportunity, and I know Kelly views this “new beginning” with a tremendous amount of excitement. But she will be sorely missed here on the blog, and throughout the entire organization. As one of the regular contributors to the “Centerfield” column, I benefited first-hand from Kelly’s creativity, patience, and talented editorial stewardship. I know I am joined by all of the blog’s contributors, past and present, in bidding Kelly the warmest of goodbyes, and in wishing her great success in her future curatorial endeavors!

I’m also very pleased to be joining Art21 as the blog’s new editor. For several years, I’ve been a devoted reader of and contributor to the blog, and I am thrilled that I will now have the privilege of working directly with writers and columnists I have long admired from afar. I wish everyone a productive month, and the best of luck to any of you out there who may be launching “new beginnings” of your own!

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