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Centerfield | Fielding Practice Podcast Episode #10

On this episode of Bad at Sports’ Fielding Practice for Centerfield, we have a special podcast on the subject of Ox-Bow, a residency program and artists retreat that is famed for its natural beauty. Duncan MacKenzie and Richard Holland talk about artists residencies and their contexts and complexities with Elizabeth Chodos, associate director of Ox-Bow’s Chicago office and Mike Andrews, Ox-Bow’s academic director, along with Nicholas Wylie, who co-directs another midwest-based artist’s residency program known as ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions). We are conducting the conversation at the NADA art fair in Miami, inside an artwork by Jonas Sebura and Alex Gartelmann that takes the form of a small residency cabin much like those housing artists at Ox-Bow. Thanks for listening!

[audio:]Click here to listen to the podcast.

Poster for Ox-Bow/Bad at Sports collaboration at NADA. Poster by Lauren Anderson.


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