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New Guest Blogger: Jason Lahman

A big thanks to our last blogger-in-residence, Amanda Beroza Friedman, for her incisive interviews with independent curator Erin Sickler and artist Josh Kline. Next up, we have Jason Lahman, a historian, poet and essayist based in San Francisco. Jason’s historical work focuses mainly on early modern (late Renaissance and Enlightenment) philosophy and science and the cultural history of 19th century Britain and France. He is especially interested in how the materials and objects, images and beliefs, rituals and practices of everyday life change over time. He studied illustration and art history at Parsons and the New School and received his MA in modern European history from San Francisco State University in 2011. He is currently working on his second opera libretto with the composer Tony Solitro. Jason maintains a somewhat regular blog on historic and cultural topics ( and another for arts educators and kids interested in art history ( Welcome, Jason!


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