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New Guest Blogger: Mathias Jansson, Sweden

A huge thanks to the following Los Angeles-based artists, practitioners and cultural workers who came together as #OccupyArt21 to guest blog here over the past two weeks: ARLA (Elana Mann & Juliana Snapper), Teresa Carmody, Carol Cheh (who coordinated the group’s writings), Dorit Cypis, Mikal Czech, Robby Herbst, Anna Mayer, Christy Roberts, Mathew Timmons, and Matias Viegener. It was a fantastic series of posts, and we hope to see many of the individual participants come back for their own guest blog stints.

Next up, we’re pleased to introduce Mathias Jansson, whose guest blog series will focus on game art (with a little black metal thrown in to keep things spicy). Jansson is a Swedish art critic and member of AICA (The International Association of Art Critics) who writes about New Media Art and Game Art for Swedish as well as international blogs and magazines that include Konstperspektiv,,,,  and DigiMag ( During the past year, Jansson conducted a series of interviews with the pioneers of Game Art and is currently working on a sequel with artists, critics and curators who are also significant in the field. Welcome, Mathias!

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