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Exclusive | Paul McCarthy: Chaos & Debauchery


Production still from Art21's Exclusive video "Paul McCarthy: Chaos & Debauchery."

Our latest Exclusive video has just gone live–check out “Paul McCarthy: Chaos & Debauchery” on! Filmed in his Los Angeles studio, two of Paul McCarthy’s long-time assistants — Thomas Harris and Craig McIntyre — describe the process of sculpting, molding, and fabricating the artist’s large-scale works. Likening McCarthy’s artistic approach to taking a “snapshot of disorder” that’s then meticulously reproduced, Harris and McIntyre discuss how the formal qualities of the work dovetail with themes of chaos and debauchery.

Paul McCarthy is featured in the Season 5 (2009) episode Transformations of the Art in the Twenty-First Century series on PBS. Watch full episodes online for free via PBS Video or Hulu, as a paid download via iTunes, or as part of a Netflix streaming subscription.

CREDITS | Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Interview: Susan Sollins. Camera: Robert Elfstrom. Sound: Doug Dunderdale. Editor: Joaquin Perez. Artwork Courtesy: Paul McCarthy. Special Thanks: Thomas Harris & Craig McIntyre. Video: © 2012, Art21, Inc. All rights reserved.

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