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Centerfield | Fielding Practice Podcast #15: “Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations)”

We’re back with another episode of Fielding Practice, Bad at Sports’ special podcast produced exclusively for the Art21 Blog. This month, we talk to artists Pamela Fraser and John Neff about Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations), the group exhibition they’ve curated for Gallery 400 at the University of Chicago, Illinois, which is on view through June 9, 2012. Spectral Landscape explores color “as both a formal and a social force,”  and arrays artworks around the gallery according to a loose color spectrum. We asked Fraser and Neff to tell us more about the concept behind this excursion into color, and as always, we bring you our picks for some of the most interesting events and exhibitions coming up this month in Chicago. As always, thanks so much for listening!

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Richard Mosse. "Taking Tiger Mountain," 2011. Digital C-print. Courtesy Nick Cave. On view in "Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations)" at Gallery 400, University of Chicago, Illinois.

Panelist’s picks for the month of May:

Claudine Ise: other exhibitions about color, including:

–Sense and Sensibility, works by Jessica Labatte and David Malek at Golden Gallery, through June 9.

–Jessica Stockholder’s public installation Color Jam, Chicago Art Alliance/Art Loop, through summer.

Did You See Heaven: Spectra, group show at Peregrine Program, through June 10.

Duncan MacKenzie: Open Engagement: Art and Social Practice conference, May 18-20.

Dan Gunn: Alison Ruttan: Natural Disaster at Adds Donna, through May 13.


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