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avaf + art21 comboworks: A Collaboration with assume vivid astro focus, Art21, and You

a very anxious feeling. are vipers always fanged? absurd vanilla anus flavor.

Eli Sudbrack of artist collective, assume vivid astro focus (featured in the Season 6 episode, Boundaries, as well as in the recent Exclusive episode, Masks), describes their collection of ‘avaf’ word combinations as “pretty much the ultimate realization of our projects, the simplest, most playful and one of the most successful ways to set our beliefs in motion.” (Source: V Magazine, November 2010).

Phrases using the ‘avaf’ acronym, created by both the artists and friends of the artists, have become titles for works and exhibitions, and often appear as email signatures in the artists’ own correspondence.

Today, the ‘avaf’ acronym enters a new era of participation with the launch of avaf + art21 comboworks, an interactive and collaborative online artist project.

With avaf + art21 comboworks, anyone can contribute an ‘avaf’ phrase—or “combo”—of their own, collaborating with the artists and other participants on this unique online project.

The concept of avaf + art21 comboworks came in early 2012 when Sudbrack, in advance of Art21’s Season 6 broadcast, offered up the idea of having online visitors submit their own ‘avaf’ combos—an idea that the collective had been wanting to work on for some time. We loved the idea and wanted to help make this vision a reality for the artists.

The aesthetic of avaf + art21 comboworks comes straight from the artists, who not only contributed the background wallpapers, but also the ‘LED’ typeface, which the artists designed for an earlier video work.

Combos submitted through avaf + art21 comboworks will be added to the artists’ growing repository of email signatures, and some may possibly be used for future works by the artists.

Art21 is proud to have collaborated with assume vivid astro focus in helping realize this online project, and we are very eager to see how the project might grow with your participation.

We plan to continue adding additional ways to discover other combos, as well as ways for participants to engage with each other. In the meantime, we invite you to participate in avaf + art21 comboworks by submitting a combo of your own!

art21 values all friends.

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