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Why Detroit Matters: Closing Comments


The Joe Louis Fist Statue, Detroit's most recognizable piece of public art.

When I started my guest blog series on the Art21 blog, I felt that I was riding a wave of positive press about Detroit.  I don’t want the momentum of that positive press about Detroit–about Detroit’s comeback–to slow.  I try to shine a light on Detroit’s positive art community as often as I can, because–like most people–I like to be inspired.  During my blogging stint, I was inundated with more positive press  about this community.  Among others, I saw the PBS NewsHour spotlight this past Wednesday that showcased a few great people doing great things in Detroit.  I was then contacted by a group in Bushwick (Bruno Design Studio) who are working on an exhibit this coming October that will highlight people doing creative work in Detroit. So the conversation about Detroit’s art scene has started and it continues to build upon itself.  I love good conversations. I love those conversations where you learn more about yourself. Artists create artwork to open a dialogue. If you listen and engage, you are open to great artwork, which can tilt your perspective on life, which can make you grow, which can make you a better conversationalist.  Detroit matters because it embraces the belief that artists and creative people can change a community.  Detroit matters because people matter. I am thankful to Art21 for allowing me this opportunity to continue the conversation.

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