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Staff Pick: Geo Wyeth

Artist Geo Wyeth performing at Kate Werble Gallery in January, 2012. Production stills from the series New York Close Up. © Art21, Inc. 2013. Cinematography by John Marton.

Ever since Geo Wyeth‘s electrifying performance at New York’s Kate Werble Gallery, I’ve had his haunting song, “At The End We Listen,” on repeat. It’s so good that I’ve braved the G train twice to see him at The Manhattan Inn, too. Each of these shows was characterized by a communal intimacy and sincerity that is often hard to find; this is owed to Wyeth’s ability to break down the boundary between performer and audience. A musician, performance and visual artist, Wyeth forces people to engage with him and each other in ways that are always surprising but never threatening. This week, Wyeth returns to Kate Werble for three free performances, running June 18-20, each starting at 8pm. His latest album is available on Spotify and iTunes. Have a listen:

Ian Forster, Associate Producer

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