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The Walker Curates the News: 09.28.15

Laurie Anderson with Mohammed el Guarani

Laurie Anderson with Mohammed el Gharani

“I think meditators are the people who will understand this best,” says Laurie Anderson of her new work. For Habeas Corpus, she’ll project live video of Mohammed el Gharani, who was held seven years at Guantanamo without charge, onto a sculptural form shaped in his likeness for three days. With el Gharani unable to travel to the US for the work, the piece was conceived as “a work of silent witness, deriving its power from live streaming, technology, and stillness—a work of equally balanced presence and absence,” writes Anderson. But then the former captive found he wanted to speak. So when Habeas Corpus is performed October 2–4 at Park Avenue Armory, the statue of el Gharani will become animated once an hour as his video image begins to tell his stories of captivity. “Gradually, the truth about Guantánamo has come out.”


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