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This Week in Art: 12.5-12.11

Mary Mattingly’s floating food project Swale when it was under construction on the Hudson River. Image via Inhabitat, courtesy of Biome Arts.

Last week, Art21 artists garnered lots of press attention through their work in and about New York City. Frieze reviewed Kerry James Marshall’s Mastry; the New York Public Library published a podcast on Sarah Sze’s exploration of scale, gravity, and value; and FoodTank sat down with Mary Mattingly to discuss her Hudson River-based floating food project, Swale. Part boat, part pop-up food forest, the project aims to provoke viewers to analyze their relationship with healthy food and the city’s environment.

Also in the news this week:

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It’s impossible to include all the incredible exhibitions and art events happening this week in a single post. If there’s something you feel should have been included in today’s roundup, leave a comment below!

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