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This Week in Art 6.5-6.11: Tania Bruguera Launches Immigrant Empowerment Initiative in Queens

Artist Tania Bruguera with members of Mujeres en Movimiento. Photo: NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Last week Tania Bruguera announced the launch of the latest project from her Immigrant Movement International project: CycleNews. As the first public artist-in-residence at New York’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Bruguera has partnered with community advocacy group Mujeres en Movimiento (Women in Motion). Mujeres en Movimiento members will bike around Corona, Queens and nearby neighborhoods to deliver pamphlets explaining the services offered by the Office of Immigrant Affairs, like municipal identification cards and information on immigrants’ rights when approached by law enforcement.

Bikers will also conduct surveys with residents, measuring whether immigrants feel like they are part of the community, and the results will be shared with government officials. “The idea for CycleNews is to create a two way street where immigrant communities are able to trust the government and, equally important, the government demonstrates that it trusts the immigrant communities of New York City,” said the artist. CycleNews may expand to other New York neighborhoods if the pilot program in Corona is successful.

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