Josiah McElheny at Donald Young Gallery in Chicago

Josiah McElheny, <i>Endless Repeating Twentieth Century Modernism</i>, 2007.

Through August 17, 2007, Donald Young Gallery in Chicago presents a solo show by Season 3 featured artist Josiah McElheny.

Cosmology, Design and Landscape‚ÄîPart Two features four new sculptures by McElheny that further explore the legacies of twentieth century modernism. Part One, in September 2006, featured a large-scale sculpture and film that linked mid-century theories of the universe’s origins to period design. Now, Part Two presents a foreboding vision of endlessly repeating modernist design objects and imagines the idea of urban/industrial landscapes remade as a totally reflective aesthetic utopia. These works attempt to realize the attraction and horror of the modern ideal: a perfect world of objects and architecture.

Watch McElheny discuss his work in a lecture given in conjunction with the series Artists and Models at MoMA on March 12, 2007.

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