Pierre Huyghe’s first Spanish venture

Pierre Huyghe, “One Million Kingdom”, Videoinstallation, 2001

Season 4 featured artist Pierre Huyghe is currently enjoying his first solo show in Spain. A Time Score is on view until September 9 at the MUSAC-Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León in the city of León.

A Time Score was conceived as an event to exhibit different events: a performance (Toison d‚ÄôOr), a celebration (A Smile Without A Cat, Streamside Day), a puppet play (This Is Not a Time For Dreaming), a concert (L‚Äôexp√©dition Scintillante, Act 2. Untitled (Light Show), a journey (A Journey That Wasn‚Äôt), a book (The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote Of La Mancha by Pierre Menard), and even a video game (Atari Light). At the same time, the show aims to enable visitors to journey through the past and future of Huyghe’s career, on a ride driven by concepts such as collective subjectivity, copyright, and especially his commitment to the idea of non-linear time.

Huyghe notes, “usually an artist thinks of an exhibition as an end point, a resolution of something. He‚Äôs working in his studio, and there‚Äôs a process, and at the end of this process he‚Äôs showing his work in what we call an exhibition. I‚Äôm not interested in that. I‚Äôm interested that the exhibition is not the end of the process but a starting point to go somewhere else. In a certain way, that‚Äôs what this is all about. Like a world‚Äôs fair, it‚Äôs a presentation of some news, some novelty.” (taken from the Art in the Twenty-First Century 4 companion book, forthcoming from Harry N. Abrams publishers)

Download the press release and read further details here.