Art21 Access ‘07 Events РOctober 27, 2007


Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil
Avenida Revolución 1608, San Ángel
Mexico City
Ecology at 4:00pm

Images Gallery
1823 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640
Ecology at 7:00pm
Images Gallery will host a screening of Ecology as part of its bi-monthly salon program which supports artists through discussion and critique of the local visual art scene, works by participating artists, and works-in-progress. There will be introductory comments framing the discussion, with focus on the work of Chicago artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. After the screening of the episode, a round table discussion of the program, the artists, and the works will ensue. Artists associated with the gallery have long-standing interest in projects informed by ecological concerns.