LA Weekly‘s Pittmania

Lari Pittman, <i>Untitled</i>, 2007.

Doug Harvey of LA Weekly was dazzled by Season 4 artist Lari Pittman‘s recent show at Regen Projects in Los Angeles.

“Pittman‚Äôs work still grabs, holds, orchestrates and choreographs attention in ways that are both highly pleasurable and instructive to the eye. This apparent return to his late-‚Äô80s abstract indeterminacy manages to fold in all the robust formal experimentation and noir content of the intervening years, while freeing the work from its culture-specific moorings. In a career that resembles a virtuosic balancing act, Pittman‚Äôs new work is a dazzling conflation of a hard-wired populism and conservative elitism (in the best, nurturing sense) that raises the stakes to a global level,” Harvey writes.

Read the full “Pittmania ’07” article here and learn more about the exhibition here.

Originally published in LA Weekly via Artkrush.