Janine Antoni at Weatherspoon


Currently on view at the Weatherspoon Art Museum is an exhibition by Janine Antoni, who was featured in Season Two of Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century.
Internationally acclaimed, Janine Antoni is known for translating the daily routines of bathing, eating and sleeping into unique art forms. In the present exhibition, Antoni presents work that uses succinct physical gestures to examine the nature of three powerful, identity-forming relationships.

In each piece she chooses a radically different medium in order to best express her meaning. In describing the concept for the show, the artist states,

“This exhibition maps out my relationship to the world beginning with my mother in “If I Die Before I Wake (mother’s hand meets daughter’s hand in prayer),” (2004), my husband in “Mortar and Pestle” (1999), and the landscape in “Touch” (2002). It could be said that each work records a moment of contact. In all cases I have chosen an unexpected way to touch in order to expose something about these relationships and my longing for connection.”

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Weatherspoon Art Museum
Greensboro College
Spring Garden St. & Tate St.
Greensboro, NC 27402

Exhibition on view until December 23