Sally Mann’s Immediate Family

Sally Mann, <i>At Warm Springs</i>, 1991.

After more than 15 years since the original exhibition, Season 1 artist Sally Mann’s Immediate Family is again on display at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York City.

Immediate Family was simultaneously criticized and acclaimed by the art world in 1992 when her family pictures were first shown. The series depicts Mann’s three children at play in an idyllic Southern romp under the Virginia sun. Set within the confines of a jaded garden‚ “a haunted landscape that reveals both past and present, corruption and innocence, life and death‚” the Mann family story is set aflame at the crossroads of fiction and fantasy.

Responsible for a renewed interest in the 8×10 large format camera, antique processes, and staged photographs yielding an unbridled sense of intimacy, Sally Mann’s artistic shadow looms large in the imaginations of a younger generation of artists. This new exhibition stands as an opportunity to reevaluate Immediate Family, and the artist’s accomplishment.

Immediate Family is on view at Edwynn Houk Gallery through January 12. View more images from the exhibition here.

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  2. Shirley says:

    Call me old fashioned but I strongly believe in protecting young children and I find naked/semi naked photographs of minors (not old enough to make responsible decisions for themselves),circulated on the internet in the name of art an absolute abuse of their future rights and wellbeing,and an open invitation to perverts and voyeurs.

  3. donnie macdougall says:

    There’s nothing in nature more beautiful than the human body. Unfortunately there’s nothing uglier in nature than child predators. I’m sure Sally knew that there was a chance that some would view her art for their own perverted purposes, but I don’t think that should prevent the rest of us for seeing her photographs for what they are; wonderful,beautiful works of art.

  4. This is so great. Too bad I couldn’t see the exhibit.

  5. Erick says:

    I have bought the book

    but a lot of photos from Immediate family series are not in it, do you know if there is a book with all her works on Immediate family series ?

    many thanks

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