A decade of Roni Horn in Spain

Roni Horn, “Doubt by Water”, 2033-04. Art21 Production still

This Friday, the CAC M√°laga (Centro de Arte Contempor√°neo de M√°laga) (Spain) opens Roni Horn, an exhibition of work that the Season 3 featured artist created over the last ten years. This is her first solo show in Spain.

Roni Horn will focus on the artists’ use of the photographic portrait as the leitmotif of the exhibition. Horn captures, through her meticulous and precise work, the smaller and imperceptible changes of reality, thereby emphasizing the importance of observation and awareness. She subverts the notion of ‚Äòidentical experience,‚Äô insisting that one‚Äôs sense of self is marked by a place in the here-and-there, and by time in the now-and-then. She describes her artworks as site-dependent, expanding upon the idea of site-specificity normally associated with Minimalism.

In addition to her photographs and installations, visitors will be able to view two of Horn’s latest editorial works: Index Cixous and Weather Reports You. Index Cixous, published in 2005, is inspired by and a tribute to the contemporary French philosopher Hélène Cixous, with whom Horn has collaborated. Weather Reports You (2007) is, in Horns words, “one beginning of a collective self-portrait.” Based on interviews with a small group of people from Iceland, where she has traveled often since 1975, and whose landscape and isolation have strongly influenced her practice, the book gathers personal testimonies talking about the weather.

Roni Horn will be on view at the CAC M√°laga from January until March 30, 2008.