Chuck Close show at Tacoma Art Museum features Art21 artists


Those in the Seattle area will want to check out A Couple of Ways of Doing Something, a show of photographs by Chuck Close and typeset poetry by Bob Holman, and featuring portraits of Art21 artists Laurie Anderson, James Turrell (both Season 1), and Kiki Smith (Season 3). The show, which opened March 1 at the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington, explores Close’s use of the daguerreotype as a starting point to create other works. Close often draws on his friends, many of them artists themselves, as subjects for his photographs and paintings. In addition to Anderson, Turrell, and Smith, visitors will also see images of artists Phillip Glass, Cindy Sherman, and Elizabeth Peyton. The show also finds Close examining the limits of photographic portraiture, employing other related media such as tapestries and photogravures in unconventional ways.

The exhibition continues through June 15. Read more about the exhibition and view additional images here.