Mike Kelley Banners at 1018 Art

Mike Kelley, “Devil’s Bush”, 1988, Collaged felt. Courtesy 1018 Art.

On view at 1018 Art in Manhattan through April 26, 2008, Cut Felt Banners features collaged textile works created by Art21 artist Mike Kelley (Season 1) between 1985 and 1993. All objects in the exhibition are large wall hangings made of glued and sewn felt. They include Lincoln‚Äôs Beacon, a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, and Untitled (Christian Drama/ Thursday Night Socials), a piece that reflects Christian themes and sexual celebration at the same time. This exhibition “incorporates Kelley‚Äôs engagement with exposed prejudices; repression, popular cultures, adolescence and sexuality, and transmits his work in quasi-religious mystery.”

1018 Art is located at 1018 Madison Avenue (between 78th and 79th Streets, 3rd floor). Hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-6pm; Saturday 10-5pm.