New blog column: Berliner Salon with Emilie Trice

Art21 is pleased to welcome our newest writer, Emilie Trice, to the site. Emilie, who is based in Berlin, will be covering the local art scene in her blog column, Berliner Salon. Her first post will be published later this afternoon.

Emilie worked for Gagosian Gallery in New York City before moving abroad to oversee the opening of Galerie Goff+Rosenthal, the first New York City- based gallery to open a branch in Berlin. While at Gagosian, she worked closely with Season 1 artist Sally Mann and Season 3 artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Her writing has appeared on, Gridskipper, and she is now working with the Berlin-based collective Artists Anonymous, who operate galleries in Berlin and London and are currently showing in New York City at Cueto Project.