Barry McGee in Newcastle

Barry McGee installation. 2008. Courtesy Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

There are only twelve days left to catch Art:21 Season One artist Barry McGee‘s – aka Twister – first major solo exhibition in the United Kingdom at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. Disrupting ideas of property, surveillance, and control, They Don’t Make This Anymore includes found objects, “tape”paintings, flash movies, and a site-specific installation in the centre’s Level 2 Gallery.

The exhibition runs through April 27th. For more information, please visit the Baltic website.

  1. rory says:

    Tried emailing you but could not find a way. Wanted to tell you that on Art Talk! on we have a two part animated interview video with Barry.

    ART TALK! – Barry McGee – Part 1 of 2 –
    Alleged’s Aaron Rose in robotic conversation with one of the West Coast’s greatest living artists.

    ART TALK! – Barry McGee – Part 2 of 2 –
    Barry delivers a polite warning to the gallery-art world.

  2. Thanks! We posted about this a few days ago here:

    In the future, you can always contact us at

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