Barry McGee video on ArtTalk

Watch this two-part conversation between artists Aaron Rose and Barry McGee(Season 1) on VBS’s ArtTalk. While the video features live shots of McGee’s artwork and installations, the interview subjects are recast as animated robotic talking heads, as though the dialogue was fed into a Speak & Spell. As elusive and reluctant to talk about his work as ever, here McGee lets his artwork literally speak for itself.

Here’s part 2.


  1. art is ok says:

    this video is awesome – for anyone interested, there is a film coming out in August directed by Aaron Rose (the red disembodied head here) featuring all the beautiful losers artists, which includes the eccentric mr McGee here.

    check it out at

    i think it looks pretty sweet

  2. yup, we blogged about it here and here. the film also features some of art21’s ample, exclusive footage of both barry mcgee and margaret kilgallen.

  3. mocashake says:

    margaret kilgallen? I love her artwork! If she is bieng featured in the movie, then I am so there!

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