Andrea Zittel in Basel

Andrea Zittel Installation. 2008. Courtesy Schaulager.

Schaulager in Basel, Switzerland opens a two person exhibition this Saturday, April 26th, with the work of Monika Sosnowska and Art:21 Season 1 artist Andrea Zittel. Both artists respond to their different surroundings – Warsaw and Los Angeles/New York, respectively – in terms of architecture, living space, daily routine, and traditions. On the  “stage” of Schaulager they’ve created an unexpected tableaux of sculptures, objects, and drawings.

Schaulager is an “open warehouse” that acts as the home for the works in the collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation that are not currently on exhibition. It is a new kind of space for art that looks at “the lives of works behind the curtain” in an autonomous facility independent of any museum, with specific qualities and functions of its own. Responding to the old and new needs for the storage of works of the visual arts, Schaulager dispenses with the notion of “box storage” and utilizes these rooms as exhibition spaces in of themselves, beyond a “waiting existence” for public presentation.