Judy Pfaff Curates at CUE

David Krueger, “Earth Day [detail],” 2008 - Sheet of perforated, laser printed stamps, 8” x 11”. COurtesy Cue FOundation.

Up through May 31st at the CUE Foundation is an exhibition by David Krueger, curated by Art:21 Season 4 artist Judy Pfaff. Krueger has recreated his childhood post office in Encino, Texas, where his grandmother was the postmaster. The installation details the artist’s fascination with stamps and mail centers that were the town square’s “gossip hub.” Using a computer and manual perforating machine from 1918, Krueger has laid out a grid of new “commemorative” 21st century stamps that pay worship to the millennium’s new values and heroes. The stamp sheets are subsequently given away and distributed freely.

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  1. A correction on the pricing of the Krueger stamps:
    Limited edition giclee prints perforated and signed by the artist are priced at $300 each (with 25 stamps per sheet); Digital prints unsigned and perforated are priced at $50 (with 25 stamps per sheet);
    You can also buy individual stamps dispersed at random from the stmap vending machines in the post office for one dollar a stamp.

  2. Thanks for the info. Glad there’s a stamp for everyone.

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