Mike Kelley at the National Museum Kraków


According to Artforum.com and The Art Newspaper, the National Museum, Kraków is scheduled to open a new department of contemporary Western art this month—the first devoted to a collection of this kind in Poland. The collection is an eclectic gathering of ten post-modern artists, each of which will be housed in a separate room. The artists are Mike Kelley (Season 1), Nobuyoshi Araki, Miquel Barceló, Francesco Clemente, Eric Fischl, David LaChapelle, Sherrie Levine, Andreas Slominski, Philip Taaffe and Andy Warhol. The total of fifty works will go on public view May 29, 2008.

The National Museum, Kraków was established in 1879, and is the main branch of Poland’s National Museum, which has permanent collections around the country. Visit Wikimedia Commons for a glimpse of their collection.

Kelley’s retrospective exhibition, Educational Complex Onwards, 1995-2008, is currently on view at the Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels, Belgium.


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