AZ in LA at RP

Andrea Zittel, installation view at Regen Projects. 2008. Courtesy Regen Projects.

Andrea Zittel (Season 1) presents two new installations at Regen Projects in Los Angeles. The first, Energetic Accumulators, is an extension of the Raugh Furniture series, begun in 1998. While embracing human imperfection, the work nonetheless attempts to create structure, guidelines and ideology through reconsideration of the shared properties between furniture and sculpture, particularly their ‘horizontality.’ Energetic Accumulators also posits that perception is shaped more by psychological function than by actual function, how sculpture adapts and ‘accumulates’ its surroundings.

The second body of work, Token Exchanges, looks at how value shifts in perspective to different formats of exchange, such as the retail store. Zittel proposes an “understanding of exchange-value that transcends any specific market and relates instead to the psychology of desire, as well as the social relationships that are enacted through the art of initiating an exchange. ‘Token Exchange’ asks viewers to become aware of their own projected value systems and in the process to reveal larger patterns of meaning.”

Andrea Zittel: Energetic Accumulators and Token Exchanges opened May 24th and runs until June 28th.