Island of Misfit Toys


Photo from the animated television special “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Credit: Rankin/Bass (formerly Videocraft International, Ltd.), and DreamWorks Classics, a subsidiary of DreamWorks Animation.

Salon 94 Freemans just announced that Art21 artist Maya Lin (Season 1), will create a site specific installation in their downtown New York City gallery space. This installation is described as consisting of ‘trash asteroids’ created out of old children’s toys. Salon 94 is asking for donations of toys to facilitate this project, specifically;

– retired toys that are unsuitable for donation to charities (with parts missing or electronic toys that no longer work)
– balls of various sizes (hard and soft)
– novelty vending machine “eggshell” containers

This installation will open in December 2008, just in time for Christmas. You can drop off your donations to either Salon 94 location.

Uptown: 12 East 94th Street (between 5th and Madison)| 646.672.9212 | Hours: M-F 11-6

Downtown: 1 Freeman Alley (off Rivington, between Chrystie & Bowery) | 212.529.7400 | Hours: Tu 1-6 W-Sat 11-6