Collier Schorr: Freeway Balconies

Collier Schorr, “She Loves You, She Loves Everybody (Brooke Shields)”, 2008. Courtesy of Deutsche Guggenheim.

Freeway Balconies, a group exhibition curated by Collier Schorr (Season 2) is on view July 5 through September 21, 2008 at Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. The exhibition is “at once a self-portrait and a riveting display of some of the most vital trends in contemporary U.S.–based art.” Borrowing its title from the 1960s poet laureate Allen Ginsberg, Freeway Balconies refers to the meeting place of spectacle and voyeurism in American culture.

Schorr has gathered nineteen emerging and established artists, arranging their work around selections of her own work. The exhbition ranges in mediums from photography to sculpture, installation to video and, according to the website, explores “the performative impulse so operative in today’s innovative forms…Freeway Balconies is a roundtable discussion in exhibition form, addressing the problems that drive Schorr’s artmaking.”

A panel discussion including Schorr, Sara Gilbert, Herbert Molner, Adam Pendleton and Matt Saunders takes place on July 5 at 11 a.m. Panel members will discuss the core themes of the exhibition and the role of performance in contemporary art. The conversation is moderated by Dominic Eichler.


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