Berliner Salon: Richard Serra at Kunst Werke


Last weekend Kunst Werke opened an exhibition of films by Ricarda Roggan, Albrecht Schäfer and Art:21 Season 1 artist Richard Serra. Serra’s part of the exhibition, entitled Thinking on Your Feet (in reference to a 2005 documentary about the artist by Maria Anna Tappeiner), is comprised of 5 videos shot by Serra between 1968 and 1976. The press release touts this exhibition as the first devoted solely to the artist’s cinematic work and quotes Serra as stating, “Seeing Chelsea Girls and Yvonne Rainer’s hand film, I felt that making film was open to me. Up to that point, I’d felt a deference for film, and maybe I was a little bit frightened of it; I wouldn’t have picked up a camera… I probably had to shoot these films so as to make the difference to sculpture clearer to me.”

Thinking on Your Feet is on view at Kunst Werke until September 7th. To learn more about the exhibition click here. Schoenes Wochenende.