Berliner Salon: Fashion Week and the Paparazzi

Carla Bruni and Jean Pigozzi, Venice 1991, Photo Jean Pigozzi, © Jean Pigozzi

Yesterday inaugurated Berlin Fashion Week, which will continue through the weekend, bringing a number of “celebrities” to town, as well as designers, models and the ubiquitous hangers-on. It’s a pretty well known fact, however, that Berlin Fashion Week often leaves much to be desired, both in the way of big name runway shows, and big name industry insiders. Fortunately, the Helmut Newton Foundationhas taken it upon itself to mount an exhibition celebrating old-guard glamour and the cult of celebrity, so out-of-towners and locals alike can still indulge in some good old fashion voyeurism.Entitled Pigozzi and the Paparazzi and with “approximately 350 b/w and colour prints by Salomon, Weegee, Galella, Quinn, Angeli, Secchiaroli, Pigozzi and Newton, the exhibition presents the forerunners and central figures of the “classic” period of paparrazi photography—and provides a visual commentary about the evolution of this phenomenon. The exhibition offers an overview and critical look at the history of a photographic genre dedicated to fame and sensationalism,” according to the press release. In light of the present-day hysteria surrounding public figures, Pigozzi and the Paparazzi offers a more serene, nostalgic and somehow romantic version of celebrity sovereignty, back when it was dignified.The exhibition runs through November 16th. To view additional images from the show, click here. Schoenes Wochenende.

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