Smockshop in Chinatown

Smockshop, 2008. Courtesy the Pipeline.

The Smockshop, Andrea Zittel‘s artist run enterprise that generates income for artists whose work is either non-commercial or not yet self sustaining, will be opening a store in Los Angeles Chinatown from June 27 through September 21st.

“We produce and sell smocks: a simple double wrap around garments designed by Andrea Zittel (Season 1) – then sewn by artists who often reinterprets the original design based on their individual skill sets, tastes and interests. As an active testament to Zittel’s principle that “rules make us more creative”, each resulting smock is completely unique and one of a kind.”

Summer Smockshop will be located on 936 Mei Ling Way, in the former Rental Gallery Space. Now that’s a wrap.