Judy Pfaff at Bellas Artes

Judy Pfaff, “Jardin de los Cuervos” (2000-2008). Courtesy Bellas Artes.

Recent work by Judy Pfaff is currently on view from August 1-30 in the garden of Bellas Artes. Included are “three-dimensional drawings” that comprise Jardin de los Cuervos, an installation the Season 4 artist begun in 2000. These non-traditional drawings are layered, complex gestures of her larger works, and continue Pfaff’s stream of consciousness mediation of universal opposites – natural and manmade, chaos and structure, physical and emotional.

As she views it, one way or another, everything in the universe is linked. The imagery she collects constitutes a visionary chart or model of universal knowledge. The complexity that Pfaff values in each piece also extends over time from work to work. Each issues from a different experience; often inspired by the particular place she happens to be in, and each expresses a different mood or sensation, reflecting a different psychological state, ranging from elation to melancholy, from hedonism to pain. (Irving Sandler)