Richard Serra at Kunsthaus Bregenz

Richard Serra, Installation View (22008); Courtesy Kunsthaus Bregenz

Currently at the Kunsthaus Bregenz is a major exhibition of more than 60 drawings by Richard Serra (Season 1). It is the first comprehensive presentation of Serra’s graphic work shown in Europe since 1992.

The exhibition comprises six different series on four levels, most of them large scale, including Diptychs (1989), Weight and Measure (1994), and the artist’s most recent Solids (2007/08).

As Serra says himself: “I like to draw. It is an activity I rely on, a dependency of sorts. Drawing gives me an immediate return for my effort and the result is commensurate with my involvement. It is an activity that requires solitude, it is the most concentrated space in which I work.”

Richard Serra: Drawings I Work Comes Out of Work runs through September 14th.