Dialog:City Launches in Denver

Daniel Peltz, “The Karaoke Convention” (2008. Courtesy the artist and Dialog:City.

Dialog:City, the exciting community-oriented, art-political showcase in Denver taking place concurrently with the Democratic National Convention, opened this past Friday at an outdoor party with Mayor John Hickenlooper in a church parking lot that featured Krzysztof Wodiczko‘s (Season 3) Veteran Vehicle Project, a new media sculpture that transforms a Humvee into a traveling media projection vehicle telling the stories of more than 40 Denver homeless veterans.

Amist the “greenest convention ever,” Dialog:City is designed as a cultural program that converges education, art, democracy, and digital media. In addition to the ten artists who were officially invited to create interactive site-specific works throughout Denver neighborhoods, a slew of other connected events and happenings will invade and inhabit the city. Curated by Seth Goldenberg, Dialog:City presents new projects by Charlie Cannon, Minsuk Cho, Ann Hamilton, Sharon Hayes, Lynn Hershman, Daniel Peltz, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, and spurse.

The mind-tingling, serious though not devoid of levity art assault includes Minsuk Cho’s Air Forest, a levitating architectural pavilion, and Daniel Peltz’s Karaoke Convention ’08. Peltz has transcribed the addresses by presidential candidates in the 2008 election into a karaoke format that will have people belting rhetoric out in song at the Supreme Court and local bars.

Season 1 artist Ann Hamilton created Circle of O’s, a collaboration with local choirs, choreographers, and composers to perform a newly written song drawn from the phrases and pace and spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson writings imagining the “new American voice.” The song will “waft across the city” in a street procession.

For a full schedule and additional information on all the projects, visit the Dialog:City website.

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