Laurie Simmons at Fashion Week

Thakoon Dress (2008). Courtesy Keith Bedford and Reuters.

Segueing from the start of the New York fall art season last week to Fashion Week’s spring collections, we have neck and neck competition from the world of the critical eye that range from the obvious to oblivious to serious to sincere. Somewhere in between this fine balance was eavesdropped that “it’s all about color” and “Italian ice and Absolut vodka go hand in hand thank you very much.” Can one distinguish anymore between which world is which?

At one such less inebriated intersection, there is the collection of young Thai-born designer Thakoon Panichgul, whose runway show started off with somber grayscale but enlivened to brash pinks and emerald greens. One especially notable fabric print included roses with legs, a collaboration between the Thakoon label and artist Laurie Simmons (Season 4).