Do-Ho Suh at Louis Vuitton in Paris


On view at Espace Louis Vuitton through December 31, 2008, Metamorphoses: Korean Trajectories features Korean-born artists who work with ideas of transformation, particularly in the human figure, society and architecture.

Since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Korea has continued to evolve economically and technologically, and has simultaneously witnessed the rise of contemporary artists, reflecting the country’s dynamic growth. Metamorphoses explores “a wealth of metaphors for a post-modern humanity in which humor and the absurd serve to question the representation of man.” Curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, the exhibition includes Do-Ho Suh (Season 2), Beom Kim, Hyungkoo Lee, Ham Jin, Sookyung Yee, Yong-seok Oh, Heryun Kim, Jeon Joonho, Suejin Chung, and Flying City Collective. The Collective, which consists of artists who interpret the city as a mental map and apply their interpretations to urban reality, has created an installation based on an imaginary metropolis in a window of the Maison des Champs-Elysées.

L’Espace Louis Vuitton is located at 101 Avenue des Champs-Elysées.


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