Greetings from St. Louis

Watercourt inside the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

My name is Rachel Gagnon, and I’m writing from the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts – a “non-museum” located in the middle of a city that’s located in the middle of America.

The Pulitzer has been in St. Louis for seven years now, and I’ve been a part of it for over four of them. Like many young arts organizations, the Pulitzer has grown dramatically over the years and continues to evolve. Unlike many, we’re difficult to define, which can be considered a part of our identity too – hence the “non-museum” part. Over the next few posts I’ll be writing about that, our approach to exhibitions and programming, blog and web topics (of course!) and the arts landscape that we’re a part of in this city. Stay tuned!


  1. lindsey says:

    I’m excited to read more about your perspective and learn new things about The Pulitzer!

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