Teaching with Contemporary Art



This week’s column features more works and artist statements by Sue Chenoweth’s students at The Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. For more on Sue and the Metropolitan Arts Institute red vinyl installations inspired by student sketchbook work, see Mining Ideas Part 3 in last week’s column.


“Crooked Boy, Straight Boy” deals with ideas of sexuality, the body, and the desire to be, or have, something different. In our society we are being conditioned to fit certain stereotypes from birth; stereotypes shaping the way we look, interact, and make decisions. How much do we create and perpetuate stereotypes and standards, and how much do they create and perpetuate us? Where does the desire to be, or not to be, root from? In what space does the difference between the two exist and collide?” -Morgan Zwicky – Senior (now at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).


“The City” is a reflection on what I know as my own habitat, what I wish that habitat could be and what it can offer me.” – Fritz Abrahamson, Senior.


“I Live On An Island” is a visual narrative of personal sexual history. I am interested in the social dynamics of the gay male community. – Creighton Baxter, Senior (now at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

Next week….. stunning sketchbook pages from Eric Scott’s classes at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, VA.