James Turrell Awarded RIBA Honorary Fellowship

Florian Holzherr, “JamesTurrell”. Courtesy the artist and RIBA.

The Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) Council, which each year awards Honary Fellowships to individuals who have contributed to architecture in the broadest sense, has named this season’s recipients. The list of fourteen comprises writers, landscape architects, engineers, developers, and artists including Season 1‘s James Turrell.

“It is rare for an artist to influence directly the progress of architecture.  The work of James Turrell is an outstanding example of this unusual circumstance and for this reason the RIBA is honouring him. As a sculptor Turrell works directly with light and the impact it has on the perception of space. His installations can be seen throughout the world and have moved even the harshest critics to wonder at the beauty and simplicity of his work.”

The RIBA Honorary Fellowships will be presented in February 2009 in London.