What does new and interesting mean?


If you find yourself in Athens between now and January 24th, follow my advice and visit the What does new and interesting mean? exhibition at AD gallery. This group show is curated by Pantelis Arapinis, Director of the gallery, and it presents a great selection of works by leading emerging as well as established Greek contemporary artists such as: Nelly’s, Caniaris, Kessanlis, Kounellis, Samaras, Steve Gianakos, Takis, Pavlos, Chryssa Romanou, Akrithakis, Markou, Christodoulides, Velonis, Sagri, Charissis, Theodoropoulos, and last but not least, Nikos Papamiditriou.

AD gallery assistant Galini Notti tells us a few words about the exhibition.



Alexis Akrithakis, Le Roi, 1966; Savvas Christodoulides, Genne d’Etre Artiste, 2007; Georgia Sagri, Untitled, 2003


Nikos Markou, Untitled, 2007; Steve Gianakos, Chubby boy sees chubby girl, 1981-2007

 Notti discusses works on the 1st floor of the gallery:



Vlasis Caniaris, Face-to-face, 1969; Chryssa Romanou Casino International, 1965; Christos Charissis, Untitled, 2008


In the order they appear in the video: Takis, Telelumiere, 1980; Steve Gianakos, Dining Without Music Was Unforgivable, 2007; Nikos Kessanlis, Self-portrait, 1986; Nikos Kessanlis “Metadomi”, 1971; Savvas Christodoulides, Hald-moon, 2005; Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 1965; Stephanos Tsivopoulos, The Remake, 2007



Pavlos, Affiches Massiocotees, 1965; Giannis Theodoropoulos, Landscape 15-13-6-2, 2008-07; Lucas Samaras, Autopolariod (set of 12), 1971

The show successfully merges the now with the past. At first glance it may appear familiar to the eye but on a secondary level the gesture and the harmonious co-existence of the works take over the experience. It’s a cohesive exhibition that showcases works from different eras created at a variety of locations by Greek artists. The works at times complement each other and at others they complete the thoughts of the viewer in the space. Conceptual and formal affinities can be traced throughout the show, thus a visual rhythm, if there is such thing is established instantly—without being obvious.

Remember to pick up your Athens Contemporary Art Map from any artspace you might stumble upon along your walk.


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