BOMB in the Building

BOMB in the building

Not as incendiary as you thought, just the friendly folks from BOMB magazine here for the first round of our Friday column.

In case you didn’t know, BOMB—like Art21—is a non-profit organization based in New York City. We produce an arts and culture magazine that’s been around since 1981, featuring interviews of artists, writers, poets, architects, actors, playwrights…. We’ve just fired up our own blog type web product where you can come by to check out our podcast, weekly poetry and video art features, and a Friday column by the friendly folks here at Art21. We’ll be here every Friday as well.

BOMBlog will continue to expand the scope of our work even further.  We’d like to see it go far enough to include both Cunninghams (but that might be a little too far):



and Randall


For this week we pointed our eclectic eye at the Internets and found some stuff to keep you warm this weekend:

  • If you’re around New York, the Ontological is getting Hysteric again with Richard Foreman’s new play…show…opera?…performance.
  • Came across this art “magazine” that’s starting up on the web. Who knows where they’ll end up, but the words/website are cool.
  • One of BOMB’s favorites, Antony Hegarty, was on Fresh Air this week; you can listen to him here.
  • It’s probably not been Rahm’s favorite week ever, but here’s an essay he wrote about beating Republicans back in ’88.
  • In other political news, there’s been some controversy about the insanely small amount of money that might go to the NEA from the stimulus package.
  • A pretty neat collaboration of art blog/websites called 7 by 7.
  • Thinking about a trip to Austin?  Better watch out for zombies…
  • And this weekend, if you’re tired from Googling all week check out Doogle.

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