Women in the City – One Year Later

Barbara Kruger, "Plenty",

Barbara Kruger, "Plenty", 2008. Video billboard, 3 min.15 sec. looping. Courtesy of West of Rome.

Last year, gallerist Emi Fontana curated Women in the City, a public art exhibition spread throughout the streets of Los Angeles. Works by Barbara Kruger (Season 1), Jenny Holzer (Season 4), Louise Lawler and Cindy Sherman were displayed as posters and billboards; on video screens; at a movie theater; in storefronts and gardens; and widely distributed as stickers. The project was cited in the year-end issue of Artforum as one of the best in 2008.

Tomorrow at 4pm, Fontana, Kruger, and Joanne Heyler will participate in a panel discussion about the state of public art in Los Angeles and its future. The program, moderated by Joshua Decter, will be held at The Standard in downtown L.A.